Academic Opportunities



Social entrepreneurship minor

Students will take carefully-selected courses at Wagner and Stern that explore the concept of students as "changemakers," entrepreneurship, and the management practices, public policy implications, and social and economic consequences of the rise in social entrepreneurship domestically and internationally.

Public Policy and Management major/minor

Students develop a deep understanding of both the public and private spheres while studying sector convergence, divergence, and challenges in management practices, and while examining political influences on local, domestic, and international policy

First Year Impact (FYI) - Freshmen only; Spring semester

The FYI experience provides a forum for personal discovery through service, discussion, and reflection. Participants serve at NYC non-profit organizations and then reflect on their experiences in group discussions.


Social Solutions Project Lab (SSP)- Freshmen only; Spring semester

The Social Solutions Project Lab provides a small group of freshmen who have an interest in social entrepreneurship with an opportunity to research and develop business ideas that can create shared value.


Org Comm Co-Curricular (OCCO) - Org Comm students

OCCO enables participants to explore “social impact," learn about the role corporations and government play as global citizens, and expand their capabilities to further the development of social venture ideas.



Participants will inquire: What is justice?, What kind of leaders are required in a just society?, and How should those leaders be educated? These questions will be raised in reference to the broad themes of the LBS and PRL courses, in light of current geopolitical dynamics as well as trends in business, and through a close reading of Plato's Republic. 

Social Impact Stipend

SI Stipend recipients volunteer with nonprofits and government agencies, and explore the early creation of their own social ventures during every semester and break period. Apply here.

2016-2017 SI Stipend Application Priority Consideration Dates:

  • FEB10 (FRI). 5:00PM. 2017 Spring Semester and 2017 Spring Break

  • MAY 5 (FRI). 5:00PM. 2017 Summer 



In partnership between the Undergraduate Social Impact and Advising teams, this student-driven initiative extends the intellectual journey that is initiated in Stern’s social impact courses. Participants tap into their scholarly curiosity and broaden their intellectual horizons. Sign up here.